Sunday, August 25, 2019

Religion and Faith in Literature Research Paper - 1

Religion and Faith in Literature - Research Paper Example Telling lies has become such a common practice today that sometimes people don’t even realize that they are deceiving their closed ones. People even lie to their parents and children, without even feeling the guilt, as an everyday act. Ericsson in his work â€Å"The Way We Lie† has classified the art of lying into various facets, such as a white lie, deflecting, omission, groupthink and etc. The culture and religion, that an individual belongs to, play a significant role in determining the code of ethics in the life of that person. Precisely speaking there is no culture or religion on earth that accentuates the telling of lies. In the Holy Bible alone, one can come across several stories where subjects lied not only to people but to God too by disobeying His commandments and paid the price. The stories and the incidents mentioned and discussed in the Bible forms the basis of religion in Christianity. These stories help us understand how it is to be a person that is loved by God and that loves God and what are the commandments of God that one has to follow during the course of life. The story about Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, for example, teaches us a great lesson regarding how one should obey the commandments of God and that what could happen if God becomes angry in case one commits some act that is disliked by God. Similarly all the stories mentioned in the Holy Bible a re basically aimed at defining the way how life should be lived in accordance with the will of God. Every story has morale and a message, sometimes explicit and sometimes hidden. It depends upon the reader what he gets out of it. Similar is the case with Rehoboam and Jeroboam story. Rehoboam and Jeroboam are the two men that were chosen by God to rule over Israel after Solomon and David. Rehoboam was the son of Solomon and grandson of David. Solomon was the king of the nation and Rehoboam was the natural heir to the throne. One day God sent messenger Ahijah

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