Thursday, November 21, 2019

The purpose of a college education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The purpose of a college education - Essay Example on acts as a supplier for vocational training and credentialing services), the purpose of college education is to advance economics’ skills and knowledge. In addition, knowledge is among the important things a student should achieve from college education. Students should have a feeling that, college education gives them something apart from a diploma or a degree-whether it means giving them a job offer, technical skills, or a greater understanding about the world. College education should also serve as a tool for preparing students for the new economy. College education should also aim at changing students in a form that portrays significant improvements in their lives (Conrad and Laura 34). This essay aims at outlining what students should be seeking when they enroll to pursue college education. Notably, public and private higher education institutions globally are facing unprecedented challenges due to the large number of issues including the value of degrees offered in a college, scrutiny over student completion and access, and student aid support. Generally, the main purpose of college education is to disseminate and create knowledge about the world and the students themselves (Conrad and Laura 34). It is also a purpose of college education to create a higher order communicative and cognitive skills in students, such as offering them the ability to reason and think logically. After completion of higher education, graduates should come out with other skills such as motivation to pose challenges on the status quo, as well as the capacity to create sophisticated values. However, the current society view colleges as a training ground where students join to advance their professional and vocational skills. This agenda often creates tension between these two notions: college e ducation is purposely for public good and college education is purposely for private good (Conrad and Laura 37). Due to this tension, universities and colleges have increasingly become

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