Wednesday, July 24, 2019

On-Line BA Human Development Degree Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

On-Line BA Human Development Degree - Essay Example I want to participate in the Human Development Online Degree Program because I want to continue learning and help people understand themselves. I have taken many online classes through community colleges and I have enjoyed this virtual paradigm educational approach since I am an independent learner. I want to use this virtual educational paradigm because it fits my style of learning versus the traditional educational setting that has been in existence for centuries. If we observe the patterns in history, the traditional educational system has had its flaws: absenteeism, illiteracy, behavioral problems, and, low scores in standardized tests performances. Through this virtual paradigm, I am able to work at a self-paced mode. I can work at any time of the day or night. Being able to work from home, gives me the opportunity to do my readings and assignments at my leisure. I am able to do the research using the various search engines, the institutions of higher learning also suggest websites that may accelerate the research process, and the professor and my classmates may recommend others. The virtual paradigm allows me to meet and work with classmates who may be geographically located at another part of the world. It gives us (professor and students) the opportunity to know about each other: cultures, customs, history, traditions, and idiomatic terms. It gives us the opportunity to share our differences and similarities. This exposure to people from other countries will hopefully make us more sensible and sensitive to other peoplesÃ⠫ needs for satisfaction in educational endeavors. This will give us the opportunity to have contact wi th people that we may not ordinarily have when we live in small isolated locations. I will be able to make-up my own schedule to study and work on my assigned tasks; deliver the tasks on a particular date not necessarily on a particular day and

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