Friday, July 26, 2019

School Uniforms in US Public Schools in Michigan Research Proposal

School Uniforms in US Public Schools in Michigan - Research Proposal Example Moreover, a broad discussion relating to the correlation between student behavior and school uniform has also been discussed. Besides, valuable suggestions for improving the effectiveness of school uniform policies in MI school district and mitigating the problems have also been discussed. Discussion School uniforms are often used in every part of the world as a part which helps in maintaining a proper coordination amid the pupils or the learners by a greater level. The introduction as well as the execution of school uniforms can be duly considered to be a global method of upholding law and order within an educational setting. It can be apparently observed that the educational institutions implementing the policy of school uniforms are less involved in arising disputes amid their pupils (The Michigan Legislature, 1999). The topic of introducing school uniforms in the state of Michigan has been in discussion from many years. It has been stated that the state shares no concern in maint aining discipline in public schools resulting in poor academic performance and incident of violence within their respective campus. It can be affirmed from a broader outlook that school uniform associated policies are often designed to foster the performance of the students in an effectual manner. But in certain cases, it can also be viewed that the implementation of the policy did not proved to be quite effective. While certain critics consider adaptation of the school uniform policy to be a fundamental change in the educational environment, it is also criticized concerning its execution affecting right to freedom by a certain degree. Therefore, it is quite vital especially for the school officials to make effective decisions considering both the positive as well as the negative effects that may arise from employing such policies. It has been viewed that in the year 2000, around 21% of the schools encircling the region of the United States have adopted the policy of effectively usi ng school uniforms amid their pupils. In relation to recognize the problems concerning school uniforms, it can be stated that the main reason behind the increase in adoption of school uniforms in the institutions around the country

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