Sunday, July 28, 2019

The relevance of Geography Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The relevance of Geography - Research Paper Example In order to understand the relevance of geography to other subjects, it would be necessary to present primarily the key characteristics of geography, as one of the most critical sciences. Gabler, Petersen and Trapasso (2006) explain that geography focuses on the presentation of the ‘phenomena developed on earth’s surface’ (Gabler, Petersen and Trapasso 2006, p.4). However, it has been made clear that the above role of geography should be expanded, incorporating the social and cultural characteristics of each place (Gabler, Petersen and Trapasso 2006). In this context, the holistic approach for explaining the geographical characteristics of a region has become quite popular (Gabler, Petersen and Trapasso 2006). The holistic approach is based on the view that no restrictions should be made in regard to the material used by geographers when having to explore the geography of a specific area (Gabler, Petersen and Trapasso 2006). In practice, this means that geography can be related to all subjects under the terms that the quality and the credibility of findings of the study involved are secured. According to Varma and Vedanayagam (2007) the study of geography has not been always highly valued. It is explained that geography has been traditionally considered as a subject necessary for the support of other disciplines (Varma and Vedanayagam 2007). Through the decades the power of geography as part of the curriculum has been increased (Varma and Vedanayagam 2007). Today, geography has become an independent science, keeping its role in explaining issues related to other

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