Sunday, October 6, 2019

Christopher Barringham - Entrepreneur Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Christopher Barringham - Entrepreneur - Essay Example This essay discusses that the idea he is emphasizing on is to keep on mailing those companies and also finding new clients through searching further as they would help the company in creating more market for the five of the companies being operated by Mr. Barringham’s family. The entire idea Mr. Barringham is trying to tell is to inform the new clients and to keep on reminding the previous ones, this is possible through personal meetings with their customer relationship manager which would provide the details about the products on person to person basis and also they send the complimentary gifts to the old clients, such as calendars and diaries and small gift items and also the customer relationship manager keeps on calling to the clients once a month asking if they need any of the services. Another important point of notice is the payment terms which means the ability to collect the cash from the customers, previously all the five companies work on the credit terms and they h ave hardly faced bad debts but the idea is that all the old customers are allowed to buy on the credit terms while the new customers would have to pay the cash in hand, which is another reason for Mr. Barringham’s success in the business of Steel. So Mr. Barringham started a business with very less budget, which is showing that it was a small business while performing the even bigger operation, one can also say that his office is performing the work of a manager, a marketer and a forecaster for not just one but all the five companies in a unified manner.

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