Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Orem's theory of self-care in the maternity department Essay

Orem's theory of self-care in the maternity department - Essay Example As the essay declares the subject of short study here is, ‘The concept of Self-Care’ in nursing practice as envisaged in the maternity department of a hospital. It will be argued that the Praxis of Self-Care could greatly improve the rehabilitative role of nurses by positively influencing an individual’s self-care agency; which is the power component of self - care behavior, as according to Dorothea Orem’s Theory. This paper discusses that the term ‘Self-Care’, is familiar through Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory of nursing. Orem’s theory is composed of three related theories: the theory of Self-Care, the theory of Self-Care Deficit and, the theory of Nursing Systems. Orem’s theory views the individual as a self – care agent with especial needs. When ‘self-care’ is practiced it enhances health and well-being being. There is a visible link between responsibility and self-care; Self-care can be stated as a self-initiated, deliberate and purposeful activity linked to health and well-being. Pertinent action is performed to meet the therapeutic self-care demand arising out of known needs for care. This varies from time to time, as required by the various stages of life-cycle, of the individual person. The non-fulfillment of this demand, gives rise to a self-care deficit, which denotes the need for nursing. The decision to provide self-care is tak en jointly by the patient and the nurse. Herein the nurse plays a pivotal part in the influence of the patient.

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