Thursday, October 17, 2019

Performance Management Evaluation Research Paper

Performance Management Evaluation - Research Paper Example The performance was evaluated keeping the standard appraisal in mind. The method used in this task to evaluate the individuals was peer rating. Peer rating is the method of appraisal in which the one individual is asked to rate the other peers on the basis of their performance. After the introduction of incentives, it was observed that the performance of individuals increased many folds and people were more eager to work on the task. Simply put, Performance management can be stated as the kind of management that keeps a check on the ongoing progress and ensures that goals are being met in an effective and efficient manner. Meeting the required goals that individuals or groups have set up for themselves is of very high significance and studying the effect of the factors that hamper or catalyze the performance is equally important. By understanding the effect of the factors we come in a better position to control those factors according to our needs. To comprehend the significance of these factors, we were required to do a practical and were asked to design a 15 to 20-minute task to be administered in a controlled environment. By conducting this test, using reward systems and analyzing performance appraisals and improvements, we realized that there was a sound relationship between performance outcomes and the factors that influence them. The requirement for this task was to understand the importance of the environmental factors that are present to influence the outcomes of the performance of individuals. Individuals were kept under strict observation and every factor that might help or hamper the outcomes of the tasks is noted down. Observational research is conducted. In a controlled environment, the class was taught how to make tomato, cheese and ham toast sandwiches by the invigilators ant their performance was monitored. They were asked to complete a required amount of sandwiches in a set time. This monitoring was first done under normal circumstances to measure the standard performance ability of the group.  

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