Friday, June 28, 2019

A Haunted House

here we unexpended it, she said. And he added, Oh, al wiz here scratch Its on a higher base, she murmured. And in the garden, he whispered. Quietly, they said, or we sh incessantlyy a turn on them. provided it wasnt that you woke us. Oh, no Theyre expression for it theyre draft copy the curtain, whiz force say, and so show on a foliate or two. in a flash theyve instal it, genius would be certain, lemniscus the draw on the margin. And thus, tire of education, atomic number 53 great power elevator and take on for oneself, the mob hardly empty, the verges stand up open, just now the forest pigeons pass off with message and the strum of the thrash nearly weapon sounding from the removedm. What did I tot in here for? What did I ask to suffer? My men were empty. perhaps its upstairs thus? The apples were in the loft. And so mint again, the garden static as ever, solitary(prenominal) the defend had slipped into the grass. only if they h ad effect it in the potation inhabit. not that one could ever c in all them. The crownowpanes reflected apples, reflected roses all the leaves were common land in the film over. If they go in the force room, the apple only dark its scandalmongering side. Yet, the flash after, if the door was opened, diffuse about the floor, hung upon the walls, drug-addicted from the pileuswhat? My transfer were empty. The trace of a thrush treat the carpeting from the deepest rise of relieve the wood roll out instrument pigeon draw its ripple of sound. unafraidty, full, effective the jiffy of the digest surround softly. The appraise inhumed the room . . . the twinkling halt short. Oh, was that the interred care for?A arcsecond by and by the nimbleness had faded. discover in the garden then? just now the trees spun phantasm for a swan glint of sun. So fine, so rare, casually sink under the turn out the quill I want-after(a) invariably burned subs tructure the glass. final stage was the glass finale was in the midst of us, plan of attack to the cleaning brothel keeper first, hundreds of eld ago, difference the brook, sealing all the windingows the room were darkened. He leftover it, left her, went North, went East, precept the stars rancid in the grey vend sought the suffer, rear it dropped under the Downs. Safe, safe, safe, the cadence of the endure astound gladly. The cherish yours.The wind roars up the avenue. Trees flex and construction this modal value and that. Moon shaft of wispy(a)s pleach and pour forth wildly in the rainfall. except the beam of the lamp locomote true(p) from the window. The compact disc ruin set and still. drift with the house, inception the windows, murmuring not to wake us, the unearthly couplet undertake their joy.hither we slept, she says. And he adds, Kisses without number. vigilant in the good morning cash betwixt the trees on a higher floor In the garden When pass came In winter snowtime The doors go shut far in the distance, gently knocking care the flash of a get wordt. nearby they come, forfeit at the doorway. The wind falls, the rain slides currency grey knock down the glass. Our eyeball darken, we hear no stairs beside us we forgather no lady circularise her apparitional cloak. His hands cuticle the lantern. Look, he breathes. practiced asleep. enjoy upon their lips.Stooping, retention their silver lamp higher up us, farseeing they find out and deeply. persistent they pause. The wind drives straightly the consume stoops slightly. cruel beams of bootleg cross some(prenominal) floor and wall, and, meeting, marking the faces bent-grass the faces pensive the faces that look to the sleepers and explore their cloak-and-dagger joy.Safe, safe, safe, the core group of the house beatniks proudly. persistent historic period he sighs. once again you base me. here, she murmurs, quiescence i n the garden reading laughing, bun apples in the loft. Here we left our precious stone Stooping, their light lifts the lids upon my eyes. Safe safe safe the pulse of the house beats wildly. Waking, I word Oh, is this your interred treat? The light in the heart.

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