Thursday, June 20, 2019

Understanding business operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Understanding furrow trading operations - Essay Exampleper will examine current models of line operations by considering how these organizations might theoretically gain a competitive advantage by drawing on the examples of two organizations. One of the presented models will be ground on an organization which is volume intensive and second will be based on a business model which is margin intensive. in that respect is fine question that technology is evolving rapidly, and the impact that these technological advances have on our modern economy can be profound. In this regard, organizations who have made every tackle to be constant and consistent innovators in technological development and application in their business models have reached an unparalleled success. Technological advances in such areas as supply chain, inventory management, distribution, and business monitoring has significantly affected the bottom line of a number of different businesses.For the purpose of this ess ay the first business model that will be examined is that of Wal-Mart and how the implementation of technology in their business organization has affected the way that we as consumers may have shifted our buying procedures. The data formatting for this discussion is to give a brief background on Wal-Mart followed by a discussion as to how their innovation has helped make this organization the company it is today. There is little question that Wal-Mart is a truly global company which according to Reuters (2010) has operations in over fourteen nations with both retail and online sales in their portfolio. Wal-Mart has a focus on regular household items however the company has recently diversified into membership format retail operations as closely as diversifying their product offerings to include groceries. One could theoretically define their product offerings to be in the traditional household retail sector.When questioned as to how Wal-Marts business model has affected the goods w e buy and the choices available one must make an examination of

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