Sunday, June 16, 2019

Situation analysis focusing on the key internal factors Essay

Situation analysis focusing on the key internal factors - Essay ExampleThis will make apple maintain an increase in the number of transaction made, which is in line with its strategy.A companys re informant strengths and competitive capabilities allows a company to own military group in the market place (Oster, 1999). Competitive power of a resource strength or competitive capability is measured by how many of the side by side(p) four tests it can pass.This is determined by how much the company helps to improve its customer value preposition, how effectively it competes with rivals, and its role in the companys preposition. MasterCard has matched its at hand(predicate) rival in ground of competition since most financial institution offer both options to customers a structure known as duality. In terms of market, MasterCard is a global brand. Due to these strengths it can be deduced that the company has a competitive value.The main rivals of MasterCard are Visa and American expre ss, these two companies have the selfsame(prenominal) resources and capability as MasterCard. Due to this fact, MasterCard does non have a competitive power in the market place, and it doesnt qualify to be a source of competitive advantage. This test is a fail on MasterCard as it doesnt own a weapon that its competitors doesnt have.The more difficult and more expensive it is for rivals to imitate a valuable resource or competitive capability, the greater its potential for enabling a company to outcompete rivals and win a competitive advantage. On this note it can be said that MasterCard has a resource that it is hard to copy, which is the companys brand name as well as the complexity in its electro system. These resources have enabled the company to have a strong market strength as well as acquiring a sustainable profit.MasterCard does not score in this test since the resources that it perceives to be hard to copy can be easily be substituted by its rivals

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