Thursday, June 13, 2019

Fanatic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fanatic - Essay Exampleered all 5 seasons of the show from Amazon and watched it over and over until I lastly had to do an intervention and tell her parents to threaten to take away her DVD player privileges. I knew it has got out of hand when she started to quote dialogues from the shows episodes as life lessons and mouth about Laura Holt and Remington Steele, characters from the show, considering them as real people. I needed to get her away from the shows influence and fast. I thought she began going down the deep end and I did not want the responsibility of becoming the one who turned my sister into a person obsessed with a television show.But as I continued to observe her in the virtual world of Remington Steele that she had discovered on the internet, I came to understand that I worried about something that did not exist. My sister had united a rooter community online that gathered together twice a week to talk about the show and its stars, Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Bro snan. These people shared the aforesaid(prenominal) interest as my sister, and the story of the shows and its stars influenced all of them well.Vangies fanatical following of the show and her friendship with other die-hard fans of the show even helped my sister develop a sense of self confidence and a self challenging attitude that she did not have before. Prior to discovering Remington Steele and connecting with its other fans, my sister, an introvert, did not really have a good deal social skills and did not have any interest beyond using the computer for playing internet games. But these people encouraged her to make fan scenes, write fan fiction, and even start a blog about the show. Somehow, my sister found the courage to try all of the activities that they suggested to her.Now, the Remington Steele fanatic has her own video channel where she shows off her Remington Steele-centric fan videos. She has even managed to get Judith Moose, the publicist of the shows female lead St ephanie Zimbalist, to watch one of her fan videos,

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