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My worldview as a Christian Essay Example for Free

My worldview as a Christian EssayThis essay is for the purpose of formally stating my worldview as a Christian and demonstrating how I embrace reality when it pertains to certain issues. While this depart not have changed much from my original worldview outline, it serves to expand on the issues and give intelligent analysis to my beliefs. As this semester draws to a close, and I re-evaluate my worldview outline, I a unanimity between my beliefs and those presented in the course material. After analyzing the major questions, I have been able to find academic bridge over for each belief that I hold. The first question we were asked was Who is God, and what is he like? my initial answer was that God is the creator of heaven and earth, the supreme celestial beingness that oversees and influences everyday events. As to His characteristics, I believe that he is absolutely just while being full of grace. He is absolute power, under perfect control. He has intense emotions, but pe rfect reactions to them.That is who God is to me. The second question was about humans, what they were, and what happened when they died. A human is a being created in the image of God, with capabilities for reason, and an innate apprehensiveness of right and wrong. When a human dies, they go to one of two places. Those who have chosen to follow God will go to heaven. Those who dont will go to hell. The third question was what is the record of the universe? When I hear that, I have to ask what they mean by nature. I have to go to around and say is it the actual physical world, and how it fits into a bigger picture? I would assume so, and say that by nature, what God created was good, And was later polluted by sin. The most confusing question was how do I admit what I know, and how do I know its true? I know what I know because of what Ive been told, and what Ive experienced, and how I apply it through the separate out of my faith and look upons. And I know that I know because if I didnt know that I knew I wouldnt be able to analyze this question about knowing.The next question was the only one that my answer changed slightly. What is right and wrong, or does it exist? Right exists, but wrong is only the absence of right, not something in and of itself. And the only substance we croup discover it is through the experiences, of ourselves and others, and through the filter of Gods word. Is life pointless or is there a purpose? If we believe God creates us, we must believe that there is a reason. I believe my purpose is to help people through hard times, since I have gone through enough hard times that I can empathize with them. Each person has a unique attribute that helps them glorify God in some way. What core commitments are pursuant(predicate) with my worldview, and how do they relate my life? Im still not exactly sure about what is meant by core commitments, but the actions and values that I hold myself to light upon key aspects of my worldview. I would say that the things I do are very consistent with my moral and spiritual beliefs.My worldview is based a lot on faith, and I try to find reason for what I believe. I do need to evaluate if the beliefs that I have actually have base in reality, scientifically and morally. I have very strong beliefs and opinions, as a result of coming from a very opinionated family. My worldview is very consistent with the perspectives expressed in the coursework. I have a fairly weighty background in scriptural studies from other schools, and so have been exposed to this subject more than the fair(a) student. As a result, my worldview has been shaped by what I have learned, and there were few if any contradictions between what I believe and what was presented.My worldview passes (to my knowledge) all of the four tests of a worldview. In the test of evidence, my worldview draws from personal experience and scientific reason, and assumes (if not proves) the existence of a God who embodies the c haracteristics I have identified. In the test of logical consistency there is no reason to doubt what I have seen or read, and I try not to act impertinent of my beliefs in a way that would cause any inconsistency to be evident. In the test of existential repugnance, it is possible to live the life that I am attempting to live in the outside world. Anyone can live a moral life and follow specific rules about how we should govern ourselves, but not on their own.And the test of human nature is consistent with my belief on the nature of humanity. Nothing about humanity suggests that we are not designed by a higher being, and everything points to inherent value that other creatures do not and can not possess. My worldview affects everything about my actions, because I will not leave that frame of reference without changing part of my worldview. I cannot act outside of my worldview, because I will always analyze things based on what I assume to be right information, and will act accordi ngly.My worldview has stayed consistent throughout this course, and if it has changed at all it has been a subconscious change. I have had a good upbringing and a solid background in biblical studies, so I did not hear anything that was shockingly new or revolutionary.Cosgrove, M. P. (2006). Foundations of Christian thought faith, learning, and the Christian worldview. Grand Rapids, MI Kregel Publications.Strobel, L. (2000). The case for faith a journalist investigates the toughest objections to Christianity. Grand Rapids, Mich. ZondervanPublishingHouse.Wilkens, S., Sanford, M. L. (2009). Hidden worldviews eight cultural stories that shape our lives. Downers Grove, Ill. IVP Academi

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