Saturday, August 10, 2019

American Fashion in 1980's through today Research Paper

American Fashion in 1980's through today - Research Paper Example The essay "American Fashion in 1980's through today" talks about the fashion and trends in America from the 1980s till today. In early 80s, men began wearing tight fitting trousers and loose shirts. This fashion applied in equal measure to women. In addition, men grew mustaches following the influence of TVs such as Magnum. Medium sized hair characterized the early 80s hairstyle for men. However, towards the end of 1980s men started growing long hair. Brand names were also a notable fashion of the time. Headbands were a popular fashion in early 1980s. Miniskirts and leg warmers were common among women. It is arguable that cheerleaders influenced the design and wearing of miniskirt. Valley girl a movie played in 1983 had a big influence to dressing style of many women. In mid 1980s, leather outfits and jeans gained popularity among women. Lace was also common among women. Women also dressed in miniskirts while going to business meeting. Notably, women wore miniskirts with leggings. So lid color, simple pattern, and silhouette were the design of most female clothing towards the end of 1980s. High-heeled shoes among women were common during this period. Another common shoe trend was dolly shoes, which edged to early 1990s. Fashion trends of 1980s started fading at the beginning of 1990s. Men started growing long hair. Flannel shirts were common among men. Navy blue blazers, Khaki slacks, canvas shoes, and leather jackets become common. Other common clothing was denim jackets, sheepskin coats, and polo shirts.

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