Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nursing theories Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nursing theories - Research Paper Example The philosophical claims of this theory are based on the facts that people or individuals must always give meaning to every experience they face in life; like in our case, we have patients in intensive care units. Their families may experience anxiety, depression and even signs of post-traumatic stress as they get worried of their loved ones in the critical conditions and sense making philosophically demands that meaning be given to this (Davidson, 2010), philosophically sense making integrates aspects of identity, retrospection and enactment. Others include; the social, ongoing and extracted cues not forgetting plausibility where an individual needs to know enough to enable them make informed acceptance hence achieve relief accumulated in them by way of fear and experienced horror (Dervin, 1983). This is the main concept behind the woman Garcia who has gone to visit their husband in the hospital ICU. It talks about facilitated sense making to help the woman avoid sever psychological outcomes of the realities that may result from the fact that the husband lies in the ICU (Davidson, 2010). The assumptions of the theory include identity and these will require the woman to define who she is because of the situation she faces as well as how and what she thinks. Retrospection comes in as the second assumption and this requires the woman to learn what she thinks looking back into their stand about the same issue earlier. Then enactment of the object in terms of making something out of the situation will be required (Dervin, 1983). This is closely linked to the socialization assumption that demands that another party within the same context must have influenced whatever someone says or believed, the talking also ought to adopt the mechanism of spread across time giving it an ongoing assumption (Brenda, 1998). In addition, the assumption of extracted cues requires that it is only a small portion of the content gets derived for public consumption and lastly we have plau sibility, this will require that Garcia knows enough of the outcomes she expects out of the situation. These assumptions are much testable since they indicate the roots of all the variations and the content of the article all indicate the aspects defined (Brenda, 1998). The definition of all the concepts explained are much consistent with the theory since the theory demands that individuals must always create a common ground for an understanding to enable them land on the position of acting with principles on grounds of information. This explains the need for through research from relevant sources of information about concepts information, which is often stored for future reference (Dervin, 1983). In explaining facilitated sense making, we would apply Roy’s adaptation model, this is a model that mainly and in most cases apply to the sense making model in the nursing practice hence the choice as illness can cause several disruptions in life which requires a period of compensat ion and hence a prospect of adaptation. Based on the duration that the compensation takes, the

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