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Emphasis of Evolution in Texas Science Curriculum Essay

Evolution is known to be the change of the inherited behaviors to a given crowd of living organisms from one given characteristic to the other (Futuyma, 2005). Scientifically, these changes are believed to be caused by the mixture of three significant progressions; of which includes the variation process, the reproduction together with the selection. The behavioral characteristics of a given item vary according to the given population in a location. Biologically, the process is known to be that of the change in the behavioral characteristic of an individual and it is believed that whenever an organism reproduce its young one, they new organism either posses new characteristic or an altered characteristic of the individual (Maynard, & Szathmary, 1997). Thus, we can say that, evolution may occur whenever the original behavioral characteristic of a given item is traced in the new produced item or organism. Literature Review Evolution occurs when these heritable differences become more common or rare in a population. With this idea, may process in the today world have also been under going evolution so as to obtain the best to serve their people. Thus, in this particular paper, we are going to see on the emphasis of the evolution in the Texas science curriculum and see on the way they have affected the system in the region. To be able to understand this idea better, we have to look at the theories that have been formulated for the sake of the evolution in our science world. Darwin’s, have been one of the scientist who have majored in the formulation of the evolution theories that do exist to date. First, there is the theory of evolution basing on the premise, of which he imagines that, improvements of the life from the non-life and pressures a entirely naturalistic in this he suggests that the change in the way of doing things tend to be more of natural than that of trained effort (Denton, 1996). With this, he also assumes that the evolution process the recurrent characteristic of the individual tend to select the good ones only and fade off the negative attribute from the society, and with this, the process has been presumed to be that of slow but sure and thus no one should speed t up as might end up adapting the negative attributes from the past. Darwin’s hypothesis has been also the one for the calamity in the brightness of the tremendous advances that they have made in most of the science subjects in the education system. In the Texas science curriculum, this have been used to advocate for the ignorant in the country and because of this, the scientists tend to think that they have to do something in the nation so as to enlighten the education system in the country. With this, the country have been able to come up with three evolution critics of which they are put in place so that they can be bale to evaluate on the anticipated curriculum customary for the sciences courses in Texas schools (Stutz, 2008). With these critics in places, they have aimed at discussing on the Darwin’s theory that talks about the evolvement of the humans and other living organisms. The group have also been established so that they have to come together to facilitate the discussion on the theories that they exist concerning the evolution process in life (Stutz, 2008). With this, they are targeting to be able to eradicate the limitation together with the present necessities of the theories so as to enable the correct theories to be taught in the curriculum in the schools. This has brought contradiction in the country as there are some of the people who need the evolution to be taught in the school just as it is but not to modify it as they tend to think that, whenever the theory will be altered by the organization, it will be more of a religious theory and not a scientific theory to be taught in the schools (Stutz, 2008). For the process that the country is intending to undertake, the citizens tend to think that the public school students in the locality will drop behind their colleague peers if the country go ahead and evaluate the problems in the evolutional theory, this was protested by the member at the board of the education when the citizen insisted that they needed the original evolution and not the one that have been modified to be taught in the schools. Other than this, the nation is also experiencing the moment that the evolution I the school has to be taught to the student with the emphasizes on the advantages as well as their disadvantages as this will let the students be more logical in the world system other than being taught only the relevant part of it only. The president of the Texas freedom network who is Miller, K. said that the subject has to be taught in the institution as one of the basic science in the system and thus by no mean should it be modified as this will tend to reduce its relevancy to the student in the country (McCaffrey, 2008). To add on that, he also said that the subject of evolution has to be emphasized to all of the students without watering it down in whichever manner with the addition of the intelligent design or its removal of its weakness as all this tend to have meaning and a reason to the theory sated by Darwin’s. The country has continually emphasized on the original teaching of the theory of evolution as being stated by one of the biology professor in the country, he says that the modification of the theories in the education system in the country will harm the education for their students in which he continue to say that this will add more weakness to the evolution and thus weakening the whole understanding together with the passion for the study of science in their coming generation (McCaffrey, 2008). Thus, we can say that, as much as the Texas sciences curriculum tend to think that the y have to modify the evolution theories, some of the scientists in the region still believe in the first theory stated by Darwin’s and thus, they have ended up clinging to the theory of which have helped them in becoming the most recognized country in the science subject. Conclusion In the finale, we can say that, as much as some of the people in the education board in the county see the evolution as being old, they have disapproved by the scientists who have all the reasons as to why the theories should be retained as before.

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