Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Corrections- Strategic Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corrections- Strategic Plan - Essay Example The Tasmanian Correction prison institution’s mission is to make a valid contribution towards a safer and better Tasmania. This it aims achieving through the ensuring of a secure and safe containment of inmates and the provision of opportunities to the inmates for rehabilitation community engagement as well as personal development (Taylor, 2009). The Tasmanian Correction Prison’s values are direct. They require that the institution continue committing itself to the best principled leadership as well as embracing sets of core values that are directed at guiding the stakeholders’ behavior. This the institution aims to achieve through: Collaboration: to enhance a communal sense of belonging, everyone at Tasmanian is expected to support a mutual understanding of ideas, an open exploration of all our differences, as well as works together constructively and cooperatively with all the stakeholders alike. Technology: this is aimed at develop and ensuring the best information technology strategy, as well as implement systems that are capable of managing the current and the anticipated growth needs (Richards & Lyneham, 2010). Crime prevention as well as safety: this is aimed at the development of a comprehensive crime prevention program, which aid in the establishment of evidence based. This will then aid in the determination of the impact of offender and related programs within the institutions as well as the community, in order to reduce victimization and criminality (Richards & Lyneham, 2010). Transparency, outreach and partnerships: the institution is open to entering partnerships, as well as the development of meaningful programs alongside the processes of promoting a shared responsibility for the safety of the community (Richards & Lyneham, 2010). Tasmanian institution is known to be a secure facility, in which minors are dedicated as delinquents. The institution’s aim is prepare convicted people for a successful community

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