Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sport marketing assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Sport marketing assignment - Essay Example The class gest says that she loves television so much and she would not be anywhere else working if it is not in television. The class gest has worked for fox television running a pay per view program for a very long time. During all these time she has been working, she has gathered all the tricks and experience that is needed to maneuver the industry. In our class discussion, the class guest was talking about the future of television. The class guest gave an example with her kids on how the future of television is going to be. She said that her kids ask her to play a particular song that has been playing on the radio. She tries to explain to her kids that the song cannot be played back because it is on the radio. The children do not understand why so, and they ask her why it is impossible while they can play back music in there devices (class guest). She bases the future of television on this fact. She reasons that if people can play back music and programs in their devices, then playing back live programs is not so far behind. We are in the technology age that allows for play back of certain live programs as the program continues. Sports are the only programs that are remaining relevant in television. Contact sports enjoy a lot viewing in sports television. This means that the future of television is in broadcasting of live spor ts and mostly in contact sports Introduction of smart TVs and decoders that allow you to play back programs have pushed the broadcasting of live sports to new heights. Imagine playing back a particular seen in a march because you missed it when you went to get a drink and you play back the seen while the live event is going on. This ensures that you will not miss any part of your favorite sport because of unavoidable circumstances. Most companies that supply cable TV will rely on the fact that without cable TV you cannot watch live sports and will exploit this fact for anyone who will try to

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