Thursday, August 1, 2019

Dalman Swot Essay

Dalman and Lei are considering a large-scale expansion for their business, Sandwich Blitz. In order to come to the right conclusion they need to do a SWOT analysis which means finding a strength, a weakness, an opportunity and a threat in regards to the operations of the business. By performing a SWOT analysis Dalman and Lei will be able to find factual information about their internal and external business environment. Then they will be able to take advantage of opportunities presented to them by playing on their strengths, correcting their weaknesses and counter acting threats, or those items or actions of competitors deemed potential threats. The first part of doing the SWOT analysis is to identify one strength and one weakness in regards to Sandwich Blitz’s internal resources. Sandwich Blitz’s strength is that they have a positive cash flow and Lei knows that they have enough money to open two new locations. Even though she mentions that there has been a decrease in traffic in the stores near the office parks they are still making a profit. Their weakness is their internal structure is not functioning correctly at the moment. Dalman and Lei are spending the majority of their time helping the managers with budgeting and the daily accounting process. These are things the managers should be doing themselves without Dalman and Lei’s help. The second part of doing the SWOT analysis is to identify one opportunity and one threat in regards to Sandwich Blitz’s external environment. Sandwich Blitz currently has eight locations but they are all within one metropolitan area. So, an opportunity for Sandwich Blitz is that they could expand into another city. The threat that Sandwich Blitz faces is that competitors are entering the market because they have shown to be profitable. Lei mentions that there are two new franchise operations emerging into the market that offer similar food products as Sandwich Blitz. In short, Dalman and Lei need to put together a strategic plan to solve the issues that the business is currently facing before they jump feet first into the idea of expanding and opening new locat ions.

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