Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Analysis of the Walt Disney Company Speech or Presentation

Analysis of the Walt Disney Company - Speech or Presentation Example For instance, the company provides transportation such that everybody who checks in ceases to use his car while undertaking any session of the trip until the duration of the tour is over. For a number of reasons, diversification strategies at Disney Company have helped improve the organizations economies of scale. For instance, for instance, the organization spends extra services such as picking up of clients who have booked for flight reservation at Disney and drops them off by the organizational vans. This has led to a tremendous advantage over the other competitors as customers often value protection and privileges of care (Ireland et al 2008). Additionally, the firm enjoys considerable economies of scope with diverse potentials from customers, who would either want to dine, pay for parking or from those seeking for reservation at the respective hotels. For instance, competitive advantage is achieved when customers would buy an all in one card which, allows for payments of the tra nsactions while touring across different departments at Disney magic parks. This is otherwise considered very convenient on the part of the customer who does not have to keep on paying for bills at every point of transaction. In addition, this type of card enables the organization in getting economies of scale because, the card contains a float of money and in the long run the customer will often be find himself to have paid for more than one or more services thus beneficial to the organization(Ireland et al 2008). Corporate level strategy On the part of vertical integration, Walt Disney Company has succeeded tremendously in through owning of several units of the organization as a way of increasing the economies of scale while achieving the best competitive advantage in the market. Much of this evidence is made visible through the integration of several business opportunities such as media networks, parks and resorts, studios and consumable products. A lot of benefits have been expe rienced in several ways where one output becomes a tangible input of the other. For instance, for the customers who checks in for reservation the imminent intention of viewing amenities at the park will end up taking part in the purchases of the consumable products produced by the same organization. From this perspective, the organization is capable of earning additional income by form of integration (Miller 251). Disney has made several strategic alliances with like-minded companies such the Siemens of USA where a 12 year plan has been stipulated of pooling together the relevant technological strategies which were meant to improve family entertainment. This agreement has seen Disney as an organization uses several Siemens products while the other hand, Siemens organization sponsors Disney’s shows. The main aspect of this collaboration was meant to enhance technological transformation of different kinds so as maximize competitive advantage against the other rival companies. U ltimately, Disney has also had some other collaboration with companies such as UTV of India to help in the facilitation of animations and shows while banks in Chicago and San Francisco have since assisted in the provision of financial

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