Friday, September 27, 2019

Hans Bellmers intentions and its portrayal of surrealism ideas Essay - 1

Hans Bellmers intentions and its portrayal of surrealism ideas - Essay Example The essay "Hans Bellmer’s intentions and its portrayal of surrealism ideas" explores Hans Bellmer. Hans was just a mere draftsman for a company that he worked for until 1926. Later on, he initiated his own doll project. It was aimed at opposing the fascism that was prevalent in Germany under the Nazi party. This doll expressed ideas of surrealism in the way that it was made. It represented by unconventional poses and mutated forms. The unconventional poses and the mutated forms were the creative intentions of Hans’s that expressed ideas of surrealism. His first doll explicitly sexualized as a female doll representing a young girl incorporated the usage of ball joint in its structure. He wrote a book in 1934 named the ‘The Doll’ on which he took the surreal picture of ten of his original doll prototypes. His dolls were 56 inches tall and had a unique torso that was made by using flax fiber, plaster, and glue. It also consisted of a mask-like head that was si mply constructed using the same material as the torso. The doll’s eyes were made of glass and its legs form dowel rods or broomsticks. This combination was made complete by having differentiated legs joints and lengths. One leg was a club-like foot made of wood and the other one was encased in a plaster shell that gave it a more naturalistic appearance. This ultimately gave his work on these dolls a surreal perspective since they were generated from his unconscious mind and seemed increasingly irrational. This was to those who were not keen participants.

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