Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Strategic Management (M&S strategic analysis) Essay

Strategic Management (M&S strategic analysis) - Essay Example To maintain this, the company needs to develop a strategy that will take into consideration all the factors that might affect the sales of the company (Prince, M. 2012, 23). The aim of this essay is to determine all the factors that might affect the sales of each of the products of Marks and Spencer and come up with the most relevant strategy to help the company reach its goal. In an institution that relies on the will of a customer in a big part like Marks and Spencer, it would be prudent to have a plan that takes into consideration most of the needs of the customer (Worth, R. 2007, 62). This is just one of the needs that the company should take into consideration. For maximum productivity, the company must evaluate each of the PESTEL factors. This is to avoid being in trouble with the administration and other bodies. The company should make sure that its waste is not harmful to the environment. A big company like Marks and Spencer could easily bring catastrophic damages to the environment. The fact that it is widely over Europe, which makes it very visible, and the public is very conscious of what they do. If the company started destroying the environment, it would be seen by everyone, and this would lead to them loosing the trust and love of the customer (Marketing Society. 2009, 15). The company should also take into consideration the international tie s between the various countries that they operate in. It should follow the rules of the country to the latter. The other issue that the company should consider is how they treat their staff. A general well treatment of the members of a certain company brings a general improvement of output among the workers. This, in return, is beneficial to the company since they get products of better quality. The company should also take into huge consideration their competitors and the range of services that they offer.

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