Tuesday, September 10, 2019

World Water Wars Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World Water Wars - Essay Example It all starts with rain pouring down on soil, the soil soaking some of it to replenish the plants and trees and some to replenish the ground water supply. The leftover rain water is drained back into the sea which again is heated by the sun creating water vapors which again turn into heavy clouds that provide rain. So where did it all go wrong? Why the never ending cycle is not enough to supply famine regions of Africa with fresh drinking water? These are the questions that actually change our perception about water because now water is not a natural resource available for one and all by God but a valuable commodity, privately owned and exploited for corporate profit. Further on, the perception that building more and more dams would solve our problem after watching the documentary is completely reversed. Dams are nothing but elements choking the river nutrients from flowing further. 2) Blue Gold: World Water Wars The documentary (Bozzo, â€Å"Blue Gold: World Water Wars†), ske tches a realistic picture of what the world is beneath the veil of glamour, advance technology and looming structures of corporations. It creates awareness regarding the importance of water and the depletion of it as our most important resource. Not visible to the common eye, water is going to be the reason of potential conflicts and the United States has already created a new world map defining the conflict regions. These conflicts will turn into World Water Wars. Ninety seven percent of our planets water is salt water and only three percent of it is fresh. The conflict is between those regions who own that three percent and those who wished that they could own it. Wishes do come true. The government decides to privatize water and in the process creates giant water firms that are now influencing from water prices to foreign policies. The documentary (Bozzo, Blue Gold: World Water Wars†) is a wakeup call for all of us who are still under the illusion that water is the last thi ng that could trouble us, since we have all the pools, fountains and lakes around; how could we possibly be having a water crisis? 3) The crisis At first like in the Mayan civilization, civilizations prospered around water and strategically populated around areas that would fulfill their water requirements. However, as the world advanced the system was reversed and water was adjusted to according to where we lived instead of us adjusting to where it was. This has developed a huge problem for us and for the generations to come. We have polluted the water to such an extent that no matter what huge water corporations say; even the bottled water that we drink is polluted. Poisonous water of Mexico full of wastage flows to landscapes that grow crops sold back to us; in short our daily food intake includes the poisonous water whether we like it or not. Increasingly, dangerous water diseases are more deadly than any other disease. The fact that our fresh water source is depleting at a fast er pace has forced us into obtaining ground water at a faster rate not giving it enough time to be replenished. Natural disasters are also a reason of our increasing dependency on aquifers. Excessive pumping of aquifers may lead to disastrous events such as giant sinkholes forming in Florida. The fact that we pump billions of gallons of water every day is decreasing our ground water reserves and is putting more pressure on sea; the result of it is tsunami and earthquakes. Also now more rain does not permeate in the ground because it is covered with paved roads therefore again creating pressure on the ocean. 4) Creation of water company giants Suez, Veolia, RWE, Thames, Coca Cola, and Nestle are powerful water companies who have privatized vast volumes of water that was at first a

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