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New spirit in the west Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

New spirit in the west - Essay Example The renaissance spread northwards leading to the transformation of monarchies that sought to bolster their authority. Some of the greatest achievements from the new spirit in the west are seen in fields such as architecture, arts and literature (Bartlett 41). The movement also influenced diplomatic, military and political strategies. It is important to note that the movement neglected the poor leading to the proliferation of poverty. The period of the new spirit in the west acted as a break from the middle age. It is important to note that Europe was progressing towards modernity. This paper argues that the new spirit in the west was a period of rapid change during which people turned to realism and individualism rather than medieval values of authority, community or hierarchy. Western civilization influences people all over the world. The western world has played a critical role in the development of social, ideological, political and economical processes and systems. A hallmark of western civilization is the power to transform through association with people. The age of renaissance marked the start of institutionalization of politics and the development of commercial economies (Sherman and Joyce 23). The period encouraged arts, education and music with the aim of moving away from traditional practices to modern practices. One of the main characteristics of the period was the development of new beliefs and inventions. Renaissance first started in Italy in cities such as Venice, Milan and Florence. These cities emerged as centers of commercial developments during the 12th and 13th century. The emergence of renaissance enabled the cities to expand into mercantile societies that contrasted with other traditional societies found in medieval Europe. Another change that was witnessed in these cities was the movement from Christian perspectives or interpretations (Sherman and Joyce 29). Renaissance rejected medieval

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