Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Never Ending Drug War Essay -- Drugs Narcotics Politics Essays

Narcotics, guns and violence, the powerful elements of the never ending war. All these elements are part of the campaign to rid the world of the disaster that drugs so ferociously have inflicted upon America. The war, created by The United States’ demand and government circumstances, has been fighting drug lords and opportunists. The United States has for the past three decades declared that it is in a full fledged attack against drugs and the violence it fosters. For decades billions and billons of dollars have been justified through the infamous War on Drugs. The drug problem has not stopped. The money and military activity have not been enough, and the â€Å"urban problem,† has not been solved. It is that our governments do not have the strategic smarts to solve the problem? The United States has the largest demand of drugs in the world. While other countries also face the drug problem, The United States has spent the most and its effectiveness is questionable. Tod ay’s â€Å"War on Drugs,† is merely the justification to the apprehension of many U.S. interest enemies and has been a loop hole to exploit many developing countries in South and Central America. The commerce that the narcotics create transcends the social, economic, political and cultural aspects. The corruption that the United States is trying to fight will not end as long as the organized corruption and demand in the United States is in existence. The demand for narcotics in the United States has remained very strong, and even increased, since the War on Drugs was declared. The United States continually points to the suppliers of the narcotics and foreign mafia bosses who run organizations as the primary causes of the difficulty of the War. It is portrayed by the media... ... Department of Health and Human Resources. 29 May 2014 . PBS Online. Frontline: drug wars. 04 Feb 2000. PBS Online, wgbh/Frontline. 27 May 2014 Robinson, Matthew B. Major Source of Data on Drug Use. JusticeBlind. 20 May 2014 . Stossel, John. Is it Time to End the War on Drugs? 30 Jul. 2004. ABCNews. 05 May 2014 Walters, John P. Drug Use Trends – Factsheet. 10 Dec. 2003 Executive Office of the President: Office of National Drug Control Policy. 27 May 2014 . Zinn, Howard. A People’s History of the United States. Monroe: Common Courage Press, 1980.

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