Monday, September 9, 2019

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 3

History - Essay Example The insufficient labor supply in America should actually be solved by considering immigration for people with different skills from other places to foster technology and development. The immigration system in America involves state, labor and justice federal departments. The labor department certifies that the immigrant’s employment shall not be of negative effect to the working conditions, salaries and employment in America. The justice department implements the laws in regards to the immigrants in America. The state department is responsible for distribution of applications to people in search for employment in the US. This also involves administering the immigration law. After immigration, most immigrants seek naturalization, after working in the US for over five years. Over the years, many immigrants have been granted legal status, but recently barriers have been put because of the rising numbers of immigrants. The immigration controversy brings out the conflict between the desires for growth and that for stability. In both cases, the proponents and opponents have their arguments based on the cultural and economic aspects, or status. The recent increase in the number of immigrants is the main reason for the immigration controversy in America. The origins of immigrants also pay a major role in their behavior and this adds to the existing controversy. The massive increase in the immigrants is a threat to the English-speaking heritage, because of the numerous ethic groups changing the ethnic composition of the population. Immigration controversy has been agitated by people especially leaders, who view immigration as a threat to the American culture and the English language. Religion has also been one of the major issues addressed along with the anti-immigration forces. The economic impact caused by immigration is one of the arguments brought forward against immigration in

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