Thursday, September 26, 2019

Week 8 Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week 8 Discussion - Assignment Example However, jury nullification is not the solution of this problem as it weakens the legal system (Heffernan, 2012). If anything, jury nullification aggravates the problem by creating a distinction between people in the society on the basis of caste, color, or race, and thus fueling negative emotions of people belonging to one community against the people of the community whose crimes are nullified by the jury. I will not support the practice of jury nullification in any case regardless of the context or conditions. All human beings are equal and must be treated accordingly in the eyes of law. The law should be blind to the caste, color, race, or creed of the criminals and deal with every criminal in the same way. â€Å"The promotion of jury nullification rests on the assumption that 12 randomly chosen individuals are entitled to override the democratically expressed will of the citizenry† (Chicago Tribune, 2014). The fact that the black community is particularly disadvantaged in the society when it comes to accusations and arrests is a problem that is more deep-rooted than it appears at the surface. Apparently, it is the police that discriminates against the black community. In reality, the whole system of our society has been shaped up in such a way that people belonging to a certain community resort to crime and violence to get their rights. For example, the media frequently shows more blacks committing crimes in dramas and movies than the whites or other communities. So rather than going for such measures as jury nullification, it is more rational to bring a radical change in the society by removing the discriminating elements against the targeted communities at all levels. An arrest that is made without a conviction can have long-lasting disastrous effects on the life of the accused, thus jeopardizing their personal as well as social life. In 2011, the police in Brooklyn arrested a 26 years old single mother and forced her to show them the hidden marijuana

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